I use Quik Shine as my go-to quick detailer.  I own a show car as well as my daily driver and find it's the ideal final finish to the concourse car whilst also handy to keep in the daily driver for regular top ups or quick cleaning duties.  Whether over a sealant or wax, Quik Shine just seems to add to the finish every time.  It's easy to use and can be used right across the car without worrying about plastics, etc.  I've tried many others but this is still the QD I will always re-order.  It's fantastic in the home, too.  Priceless.

Bedfordshire, UK


WOW  Guys this stuff works great.  After stripping the car down and using the Machine Glaze followed by the Yellow Cream Wax and completed with the Carnauba, my baby looks great.  Just wiped down with the Quik Shine and boy is she slick.  Thanks for some great stuff, I'm hooked.

Bo Davenport, Elizabeth Cith NC, Chrome Pony Mustang Club



My wife hit a homerun and bought me your products for Christmas!  I will send you pictures in the spring when it warms up.



Hi there,

Just a quick email to thank you for your products.  Went on holiday a couple of months back and after a four hour drive the car was a a mess.  Packed a few of your goodies; shampoo, hand glaze, yellow & carnauba wax.

A couple of hours of work on our Jaguar XK8.  It's amazing what you can achieve with a collapsible bucket and a water can.

Yours appreciatively

Graeme Marshall, UK


Hello Everett,

Yesterday we spoke on the phone, about the order and proper way in which your products should be applied to the car.  You told me that the next day, after using the Quik Shine, I should take a few pics and I did just that!  First of all Everett, as you know, my Civic only has premium car care products used on it, such as Pinnacle, XMT, Duragloss and your ClearKote products.

Before yesterday I had only used the Vanilla and Machine Moose.  Yesterday, I used the full line-up Vanilla and Machine Moose, Yellow Cream Wax and your Carnauba Wax.  Then today I followed with the Quik Shine.  Unfortunately, the sun was covered by clouds, but with the light I had, I was able to take several shots of the reflective properties your products give.  I'm telling you, my paint looks like a mirror.  Hopefully, tomorrow the sun will shine and I will be able to take a few more pics of the flakes...you know that WOW feature!  I love your products!  ClearKote makes my car stand out, even from another identical Civic.  Thanks.

Kieran Walsh


I want to thank you for returning my phone call this morning and helping me with some pointers on using your Compound Moose and Yellow Moose.  Your explanations really helped me properly use your products.  The Compound really did a job on the stubborn swirls I had on the roof and the Yellow Moose does add more depth and clearer reflections as well as more wetness to the look.  I used the Compound on the roof and did the whole car with Red Moose, followed by Yellow Moose and finally with your Carnauba Moose Wax, all with a dual action polisher.  The result was a very wet and rich looking finish.  Thanks for all your help and answers.

Blaine Hipfner



I just wanted to say your Machine Glaze is amazing!  I have a black 911 CS and have been trying to find low-cut products to keep swirls to a minimum.  Last month, I tried a competitor's light cut polish/glaze and I removed/muted swirls by a couple of notches -- good, not spectacular.  I then followed it with your Machine Glaze and the difference was obvious -- the finish looked about as error-free as a fresh buff with Menzerna FPII (and a whole lot wetter too!)  Thank you



Dear ClearKote,

Just wanted to say that your products are amazing.  I've never before seen a glaze make my car look so wet and glossy.

I own a rare Nissan Autech Pulsar, which is taken to pretty much all of the shows (Japanese related or not) that I'm able to.

Purchased from Detailing Obsession (Thanks).

I don't use anything else on my paintwork but ClearKote.  Thanks guys

Ben Skett



Dear ClearKote,

As you can see I am writing this e-mail at 2 a.m. simply because I felt I have to before I went to sleep.  I just finished detailng my personal car (black) and included Machine Glaze in the process.  Well, it turns out, I have a new favorite detailing product and it's definitely Machine Glaze.  I have never seen my paint look as good as it does right after I take off the Machine Glaze residue.

Heck, even after I waxed it, it actually lost a bit of Machine Glaze's amazing clarity and wetness.  I think if I ever prepare a car for a show I will use Machine Glaze as my last step simply because I don't want to mute its beauty with anything.  O yeah, and I think it's nice that you guys run this business out or your home, a real mom and pop kinda thing.  Very nice.

I will be calling you tomorrow...And feel free to post on your website.  I have used a whole lot of glazes including #7 which is supposed to be the wettest of the wet and Machine Glaze makes #7 look dry as a desert!  I appreciate you not making rediculous claims like a lot of these small wax dealers do (especially IBIZ, claims he has the worlds's best wax but yet it s  a cleaner wax with "14 emulsifiers").

Oh, and if you ever have any ideas of going out of business, let me know so I can stock up on this stuff, not joking either.

By the way this is the first time I have every wrote to any product manufacturer just to talk about how much I like their products.

Ron G


I wish I could relate to you how much my tired old patrol car looks after my labors.  All of my coworkers think that it looks great and that I have too much time on my hands.



Just to let you know that I pushed the boat out and placed an order with your UK Distributor Seriour Performance for VMHG, CMW and Quik Shine.  They are superb products with ease of use being second to none compared with other products I've previously used.  I have a BMW Minni Cooper 'S' and masking of the trim is necessary.  This saves a lot of time and makes detailing my car easier and more fun because I can just wash it and get on with it.  The resulting finish, applied by hand, is very reflective, wet and deep.  I think I'm hooked and just need to see if Machine Glaze will improve things further!  Many thanks for some excellent products with great ease of  use.

Alan, Scotland UK


I have in my possession the Vanilla Moose Wax and Cab Wax, honestly like nothing I have ever used.  Really fantastic stuff.  Believe me, I have been spreading the word about your products.

David Lindsay, UK


Your products rock!  There is no other way to put it.  Being a mobile detailer I need products that can go on & off easily in direct sunlight.  Your products amaze me each and every time.  Your Quik Shine is like a show car in a spray bottle.  It is the final touch to all my detailing.

Brian T, New York's Perfect Detailing


I wanted to take a second to write you and thank you for both making my order right, as well as including a little extra because of the confusion.  I odered the Vanilla Moose and was simply stunned by the results.  I am an Autopia member, so I have tried the best of them, and this is certainly at the top of my list.  Also impressive was Quik Shine, and I use it frequetly!  I was wondering what the deal was concerning a new product that is a non-abrasive wax?  I am VERY interested in the products that have been tested recently and was wondering if you had any more info for me.  Thanks again and keep up the great work!!

Brett Lewis


I received my gallon of vinyl rubber restorer, thank you.  I also got your note about the testimonial that my daughter sent to you.  It's true about how good the products you offer work.  Now days truth in advertising is anything but the truth.  It really is refreshing to see a product live up to its advertising claims.  Truly, CLEARKOTE products do what they say.

James Lee Anderson


I must say there was a buzz going around Autopia about your products, personally I thought it might be hype but after trying them I must say WOW!  I have not used the Vanilla Moose yet but I have used the Moose Wax and my favorite Quik Shine.  I give your products a 10, they work as promised and your company has great customer service.  I will be soon placing an order with you for some products, I have to take inventory on what I have and see how much I'm going to be ordering.  I was also interested in seeing if I could purchase the products for the purpose of resale.  Thanks for your time and I look forward to a long busines relationship.

Doug Lucas, Detailing Barn


This has to be the coolest product I have every used on my car, and around the house.  I had a black car with 20 miles, kept outside, under trees at a dorm for a few years.  It took some work.  After I used a swirl mark remover, it got up most of the hard water spots.  Then, I measured light dispersion.  Just using a light bulb help 1' away, I had over 24" of light dispersion on the paint from outside edge to outside edge.  After three applications of the moose, light dispersion was nonexistent.  A perfect mirror.  Now, if only you could make a product that takes out door dings.  Thanks for making good stuff, not just hype.



It goes on easily with an orbital buffer and comes off easily when wet or dry.  It has not stained any of my weather stripping or dark plastic trim.  It does not streak like some carnauba waxes I've used.  It's a good cleaner wax without harsh abrasives and it effectively removed seme tree pitch that was on the clear coated paint and Lexan Targa top. It appears to layer  very good with the shine getting deeper with each coat the waxed surface is smooth, not tacky like some carnaubas.  A GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!

Mel, Spokane, WA


Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for the time spent with on the telephone the other day.  I used your products on my new Jeep Grand Cherokee and I must say that I was thoroughly pleased with the results.  My Grand Cherokee is Lt. Pewter and the Moose Wax really made the paint pop.

I also used the products on my wife's black Mustang.  I was impressed with what it did with her car.  I have used several premium products on her car and it never dazzled.  With the Glaze and Moose Wax it looked like liquid glass.  My wife was really happy with the detail.

Thanks again for your time and your products.  I think I have found the products that I was looking for.

Andrew Rivera, Austin TX


I had the pleaseure of meeing you and your product at a car show in New Orleans LA at Boomtown Casino.  As I had told you, I tried every new product onthe market.  I, however, have never been satisfied with most of the so-called super waxes or polishes.  I purchased three of your products and have been elated at the results.  Your products did  exactly what you promised.  I am continuing to promote your products to all, as I am totally impressed with your products.  At this time please ship one gallon to the address below.  Many thanks and continued success.

MA, Harvey LA


I need one quart off Moose Wax and an order form to discover other products you have to offer.  I use the Moose Wax on all vehicles and a boat.  I love the product.  I never thought I would be so excited about waxing vehicles.  Again, I love the product.  Thank you,

John A, Wichita Falls TX


I bought your product at a car show in OKC some time ago.  I just used it yesterday on both vehicles.  I had been using it on my bike.  It is just wonderful.  Talk about shine.  Love it.

Dale B, Oklahoma City OK


My father-in-law loves your product.  I recently bought a new used car and attempted to "detail" it.  I quickly found out that polishing, waxing and buffing are not my favority activities.  When I mentioned this to my father-in-law, a former car painter, who keeps his own cars polished and waxed to the hilt, he mentioned your product.  He even demonstrated it on my car.  The Moose Wax and Quik Shine ar a lot easier to use and the results seem to be better than the polish/wax I am using .  Thanks for the information.

Michele R, Houston TX


My dad came across your product at a car show.  I had some scratches on the hood of my new car and was dissapointed by the fact that my paint was already messed up.  We applied your Moose Wax on it and it took the scratches off.  I couldn't get over how it made my car look.  He went ahead and waxed my whole car and it looked so good that I told him I wanted to buy some of this and asked where I could get it.  He then gave me your web address.  I'm not crazy about waxing -- but this product is so easy to work with!  Thanks

Pam S, Crockett TX


Just wanted to say that your products are the best, I first came across your Quik Shine by accident.  I was looking for something to use on the windshield of my Honda Goldwing that would work like Rain-X.  I stopped at a Harley dealer in West Virginia and they showed me Quik Shine.  I couldn't believe how well it worked on the windshield.  Then I tried it on the paint and WOW, then chrome and on and on.  I have since found your site and ordered your Show Special and loved everything.  I have shared some Quick Shine with some of my friends and they loved it as well.  I just want to thank you for a great product and to say that I will be ordering more as soon as I am able.  I really want to try the Carnauba Wax.  I don't usually rave about something unless I really believe it, but about ClearKote I am convinced.

Don T, Bridgeville  PA


I recommend Moose Wax, Quik Shine and Metal Polish to all my clients.  I paint high end motorcycles and street rods and my clients only expect the best.  I have used many, many different products through my 30 years in the custom field and yours are absolutely the best I have ever found.  I really like the lens cleaner for clear acrylic motorcycle windshields.

Tank Quave, New Orleans, LA