100 % Petroleum Wax  & Polish. Moose Wax 16 Ounce


  •  100 % Petroleum Wax & Polish.  Moose Wax is an excellent cleaner wax used to remove oxidation and dirt from all painted, chrome, plastic, leather, vinyl and fiberglass surfaces.  
  • Removes grime and road film. Can be applied in the direct sunlight or a hot surface. 
  • Petroleum based.  Like products on like products.
  • Very little dusting. 
  • Used to remove light scratches.
  • Can be applied to glass and rubber seals.   
  • Contains no teflons,. silicones, alcohol or abrasives.
  • Makes reds redder, blacks blacker, blues bluer, etc.
  • Metallics will explode out of the service at you.
  • Makes graphics pop. Makes Colors Darker, Deeper and Richer.
  • Like all of our waxes, it puts oils back into the paint, plastic and rubber surfaces that evaporate during the normal aging process.
  • Recommended use:  Every 180 Days.