Quik Shine Gallon


*   Comes in a concentrant. 

*   Includes a empty 32 Ounce decanter with a trigger sprayer.  (No charge)

*  Just fill to mark on side of cylinder with tap water, replace cap, shake it up, it will never separate. 

*  Quik Shine is an excellent color enhancer and maintainer for use on ANY SMOOTH SURFACE. 

*  Can be used on Paint, Metal, Gel Coat, Fiberglass, Plastic surfaces, Glass, TINTED WINDOWS, Lexan and Plexiglass,       Leather, Vinyl, Vinyl Lettering and Graphics, "CLEAN YOUR GLASSES", TV SCREENS.

*  It is used to maintain luster after polishing with any of our waxes. 

*  Quik Shine was developed for the Avaition Industry for use on Lexan and Plexaglass. 

*   Will not leave finger prints.  Repels dust.  

*   When used on the windshield, water will sheet off without any tracer marks from the wiper blades. (Safety Issue). 

*  We who live on the Gulf Coast have a small; bug called "LOVE BUGS", It stops their body fluids from etching the               paint down to the primer. 

*  That is worth a paint job!

* Contains no Teflons, Silicones, Alcohol or Abrasives.

* To be used on everything outside, except tires. (I have a Tire Cleaner and treatment).  Use on everything inside , except    cloth or carpets.  Will not hurt them, just not designed for them.

*  "LESS IS BETTER",  you will go thru a "Learning Curve" when using the product for the first few times.