Quik Shine Quart


  • An excellent color enhancer and maintainer developed for use on all paint, metal, gel coat, fiberglass, plastic surfaces, glass, tinted windows, Lexan and Plexiglas.
  • Used to maintain luster after polishing with Moose Wax or Vanilla Moose Wax Hand Glaze.
  • After washing and drying vehicle, lightly spray on Quik Shine. Using a soft towel buff to a brilliant luster. Every time Quik Shine is used the surface gets polished.
  • Developed for the aviation industry to be used on Lexan and Plexiglas windows.
  • Outside auto: Use on everything except tires.  ( I HAVE A TIRE TREATMENT FOR THAT PURPOSE).
  • Inside auto: Use on everything except fabric surfaces.  SAFE FOR AFTER MARKET TENTED WINDOWS.
  • World's best furniture polish. Cleans windows, mirrors, microwaves, plastic counter tops and linoleum floors.
  • Will not leave fingerprints. Anti-static properties repels dust.
  • Rain sheets off windshield without tracer marks or streaks from wiper blades, when they need to be used.
  • Contains no Teflons, silicones, alcohol or abrasives.
  • Makes metallics and pearls explode out of the paint at you. Enhances the color of all paints, reds are redder, blacks are blacker, etc.