Show Special-"Everything to make your ride Show Room Special"


  • Includes the Following Items:
  •  1 Quik Shine Gallon and an empty quart spray bottle, Comes in Concentrate, Just add Tap Water.

  •   1 Moose Wax Pint. Our Easiest Wax to use.  Can be applied on a hot surface and in direct sunlight. Excellent                     Oxidized Paint Remover . Gives a High Gloss,  With Minimum Effort.  Very Little Dusting, No Bonding.

  •   1 Vanilla Moose Wax Hand Glaze-pint. (Used to remove Those "Spider web Scratches"), and "Holograms".

  •  1 Rubber/Leather/Vinyl Treatment-pint with foam applicator pad.  (Lasts 6-8 Weeks Between Applications)

  •  1 Car Wash Pint.  1-2  Ounces per Gallon of Wash  Water.  Dries 80% Spot Free.

  • 1 Extra Duty Carpet Cleaner-20 ounce (As long as supply lasts). 

  • 1 Black Foam Wax Applicator Pad (2 per pack). 

  • 1 Metal Polish Kit.-Brightener-4 Ounce and Cleaner-4 Ounce. 

  • $111.65 Value.  You Save $45.70.