Waterless Car Wash - 32 Ounce

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ClearKote Watterless Car Wash is the safest spray cleaner/liquid polish that can be used to clean or polish any smooth surface.  You will go through a learning curve when using WCW for the first time.  LESS IS BETTER.  WCW can be used in direct sunlight or to a warm surface.  Not only will the surface be clean, the color will be richer and brighter.  It is extremely easy to use.  Can be used on the following Items:  cars, trucks, big rigs, motorcycles, aircraft large or small, Lexan, fiberglass, glass, graphics, tile, Corian, granite, quad runners, even clean your glasses.  Use on any other smooth surface.  You will be amazed !  It is the most forgiving product you can apply to any surface.  Very easy to use.

Just spritz a small amount on the surface to be cleaned (either a square 12"X 12" or 18"X 18"), using a clean micro-fiber towel or terry cloth, wipe off dirt and any road grime or Insects.  Turn towel over, buff to a high reflective luster.  It's that easy.

90% of those spider web scratches will be removed from aircraft wind shields and side windows.  Same for wind screens on motorcycles and quad runners.

Insects will not stick to the leading edges of aircraft and automobiles.  Those LOVE BUGS will not stick to the surface and will not eat your paint down to the primer.  That is worth a paint job.

32 Ounce Decanter with a trigger sprayer.  Light green in color.